Coaching can be described in many ways, but one thing is central to the process: Coaching is all about you, the client. A coach helps you focus on reaching your goals and keeps you accountable. Before entering into a coaching engagement, it may be helpful to know what to expect.

Coaching is a Partnership

In the beginning, you and your coach will establish a coaching agreement to lay the foundation for your relationship and the work you will do together. This agreement will define roles, responsibilities and rights of all parties involved. It may also state the length of your engagement, the frequency and duration of your sessions, and the modes of communication to be used.

The Coach’s Role

A coach will help you discover, clarify and align with what you want to achieve. This is accomplished by co-creating a safe, non-judgmental space with you and encouraging your self-discovery in that space. During your time together, your coach may use powerful questions and tools, including personality assessments, to help you explore and brainstorm different possibilities that you can then use to create your own solutions and strategies.

Your coach may also give you “homework,” like journaling, between sessions to help you keep the momentum of your discovery and progress. You can expect your coach to keep you accountable to your goals.

Your Role

You should expect to work hard, to be honest and vulnerable with yourself, and explore things that may make you feel uncomfortable. The safe space of a coaching session allows you to ask yourself questions and discover answers to those questions. If you are stuck, freely say and explore whatever you need to move forward. Then, take action toward your goals.

If you are open to the process, experiencing transformational breakthroughs and achieving your goals might be easier than you imagine.