Season 1: Erica’s Story

“Cheryl helped me to reveal that I was the superhero that I was waiting for. I didn’t have to wait for anyone. The superhero was within me.”

For Erica Garcia, coaching was a life-changing experience. Yet she discovered it almost by chance.

Erica was attending a conference for her sorority where an ICF Credentialed Coach was speaking. As part of the session, the coach offered the first 10 women who emailed her the opportunity to be coached.

Erica took a chance and began working with ICF Credentialed Coach Cheryl Procter-Rogers, PCC. Cheryl is an executive, career and life coach based out of the Chicago area.

Erica had felt her entire life like she was waiting for a superhero, someone to save her from her problems and help her achieve her goals.

Because of coaching, Erica was able to move past her perceived limitations to create the life she wanted for herself.

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