Season 1: Shawna’s Story

“Coaching, for me, has been transformative. It’s changed the way that I lead. It’s changed the way that I manage. It would be much harder without that support and without that resource.”

In her role at the College of the North Atlantic in Qatar, Shawna Garrett’s staff consisted of 25 people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, each of whom reported to Shawna directly.

With so many perspectives and ideas, Shawna needed a vision to bring everyone together.

Shawna began working with ICF Credentialed Coach Jenn Wicks, PCC. Jenn is a leadership and executive coach based out of Newfoundland.

Because of coaching, Shawna was able to develop a new leadership structure, and empowered key members of her team with a personal stake in the office’s success. Shawna’s team blossomed under her leadership, and she credits Jenn’s coaching as being key to that growth.

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