Season 2: Sher Han Lim’s Coaching Story

“When there is a lot of uncertainty, that’s when you are pushed to challenge yourself. And that’s when you experience growth.”

Sher Han Lim had what most people would define as a successful career, working for a government organization in Singapore. And yet, she couldn’t escape the nagging feeling that something was missing in her professional life.

Sher Han began working with ICF-credentialed coach Chuen Chuen Yeo, PCC. Chuen Chuen is an executive, leadership and career coach based out of Singapore.

Because of coaching, Sher Han was able to hone in on her values, and discover a whole new career path that aligned with her desire for purposeful work.

Chuen Chuen helped her acknowledge her fear of the unknown and guided her toward creating the life she desired. After three months of coaching, Sher Han took a leap of faith…  and changed her life forever.

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